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Personalize / Personalizar

Each item is available to personalize with first name, last name and date. Cada pieza esta disponible para personalizar con nombre, apellido y fecha. Select One Yes, 1 piece $15.00 USD Yes, 2 pieces $30.00 USD Yes, 3 pieces $45.00 USD Yes, 4 pieces $60.00 USD Yes, 5 pieces $75.00 USD Yes, 6 pieces $90.00 USD Yes, 7 pieces $105.00 USD Which pieces? (ex:only doll, or guestbook & doll) First, Last Name & Date    Notes: The date is embroidered as numbers (mm/dd/yy)

Quinceañera Sets

Click on a link to choose a Quinceañera Set   Mis 15 Anos Set                                        Masquerade Theme Set   Bling Elegant Lace Set                             Eiffel Tower Theme Set   Flower & Butterfly Set                             Twinkle Star Theme Set   Heart & Stars Theme Set                        Butterfly Theme Set  Elegant Lace Set                                     Elegant Bow Lace Set   Leopard Theme Set                             Rose Garland Set   Star Curtain Theme Set                             Zebra Theme Set       Flower Set                                               Brooch Set       Stars Set                                               Heart Set

Tiaras / Coronas

Item: T1 Heart Tiara Height: 2.5" ON SALE!   Item: T2 Small Tiara Height: 1.5" Price: $10.00 Item:  T3 Lt. Pink Heart Tiara Height: 2.5" Price: $45.00                                    Item: T4 Lt. Blue Double Heart Height: 4" Price: $55.00 Item: T5 Violet Butterfly Tiara Height: 2" Price: $39.00 Item: T6 Star Tiara Height: 2.5" Price: $39.99 Item: T7 Double Heart Tiara Height: 4" Price:$59.99 Item: T8 Red Heart Tiara Height: 3" Price: $45.00 Item: T9 Lt. Green Tiara Height: 2.5" Price: $34.99 Item : T10 Large Crown Tiara Height: 4" Price:$59.99